Getting started with GatherBot

A quick first-time guide to get GatherBot running on your own Discord server

Inviting the bot

To get started, you need to invite the bot to your server. Notice - you need to have management permissions for the server. You can't invite a Discord bot to a server you don't own.
If you're concerned with giving the bot some of the permissions it asks for, you can choose to deny whatever you want. None of the additional permissions are required for the very basic operation of the bot. However, certain features require these permissions. For a list of features and their correlating necessary permissions, see the FAQ page.

Changing basic settings

First things first, change the game your server will play!
You can do this by typing !set game game-name. For a list of games the bot supports and their official name, you can type !games.

The bot only operates in a single channel. When you invited the bot, it searched for a default channel in which to operate. If it couldn't find one, it used an arbitrary channel.
To change the operating channel, you can use the command !set channel channel_name. If the bot doesn't recognize the name due to some text format or encoding issue, you can use !set channel channel_id instead.
To find a channel's ID, within Discord go to `Settings->Appearance` and enable `Developer Mode`. Now when you right click a channel or server, you should have the option to `Copy ID`.
If you couldn't figure it out, here is a quick video: Discord - enable 'Copy ID' option

One more basic setting is the command prefix. By default, the prefix is an exclamation mark - !. To change it, use the command !set prefix some-prefix. Other popular prefixes in Discord/IRC culture are #, $, or ^.

Additional customization

Since the bot is in constant development and new features will be added, there will be more more customization options in the future. If you have any requests, feedback and suggestions for features, improvements and/or bugs, you can get help on the help server or DM me.
If I have the time, I hope to make a little website from which server owners can easily control and change the bot's settings.