GatherBot FAQ

Frequently asked questions, important information and other stuff you should know

Q: What games does GatherBot support?

Currently, GatherBot supports the following games: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2 (6vs6 and Highlander 9vs9), Dota 2, Overwatch, and Battlerite.
Games can be easily added by the developer, so if you'd like to have a game added, contact him on Discord.

Q: Why does GatherBot want various permissions? What if I permit them?

You can configure GatherBot's settings to use only some these features, in a way that suits your community's wishes. If you remove GatherBot's privliges, these features will simply be disabled by default, and you won't have the option to use them. The only must-have priviliges are to read and send messages. There must also be at least 1 text channel GatherBot can use to operate. When these requirments aren't met, GatherBot will automatically leave your server. The point of GatherBot is serve as a system for communities to play Gather/PUGs. Thanks to the cool platform that Discord is, it is very easy to integrate with the text and voice channels it offers. Some of GatherBot's features include creating voice channels for each team in a PUG, where only players on the team have access to the their voice channel. It can also automatically move them to their team's channel if they already connected to voice. If they are not, it DM's them an invite link.

Q: How do I customize/change bot settings?

Any setting that can be configured is changed with the !set command. Some of these settings include the command prefix, the game to be played, the text channel to use. For a full, updated list of customizable commands try using the !custom command, or check out the Command Reference.