GatherBot Command Reference

Full list of commands and an explanation of what they do and how to use them

General commands

Command Usage Example Explanation
add, join !add Adds you to the gather/PUG in position-independent games (such as CSGO)
del, delete, remove !del Removes you from the gather/PUG
game, currentgame !game Gives you the name of the current game
vote, map !vote de_dust 2
The command followed by a map name
If you are in the gather/PUG, this command votes for a specific map. If nobody votes, it is completely random.
games, gamelist, listgames !games A list of games the bot has
status !status Current status of the gather/PUG - how many players joined, in what positions etc
commands !commands A list of commands available to all users and admins for that specific Discord server
invite, link !invite A link to invite the bot to your own Discord server

Settings commands

All bot settings are configured with the !set command_name value command and format

Command Usage Example Explanation
name !set name CSGO Gather Bot Changes the nickname of the bot on the Guild
prefix !set prefix @ Changes the prefix to the given value. In the example, the prefix is changed from the default `!` to `@`
game !set game csgo Changes the bot's game. In the example, the game is changed to CSGO.
channel !set channel channel_ID Changes the bot's operating channel. The value given is the channel's ID (enable Discord developer mode to copy ID)
category !set category channel_ID Change's category channel in which the bot creates voice servers (when the feature is enabled and the bot has the necessary permissions)
afk !set afk 300 Changes the time since the last message/activity for a player to be considered AFK
interval !set interval 10 Changes interval at which to remind AFK players to ready up during ready up phase