GatherBot is a game/PUG(pick up game) organizing bot on top of the Discord platform. Reminiscent of the old IRC Gather bots, GatherBot lets players queue up to a PUG (by position, in games where relevant), and start when the required number of players join.

Although I just made this bot for fun, I think it may be useful to a certain neiche of the gaming community: Players/communities that prefer using their local language and/or enjoy the social aspects of a community over the out-of-the-box server and game organization that most modern online games provide.

Hardware improvements over the last 10 years (thanks Moore), as well as the change in the business/revenue model for most online games, enabled the shift for online game servers to go from being individually hosted, to being hosted by the developer. This resulted in a couple things. Off the top of my head:

  1. The player experience became more seamless, uniform and consistent across servers.
  2. The developer has more/full control over the whole game universe and player expereince. Ranking system, skins/items, drops, some form of “progress”.
  3. The developer can aggregate data to help improve the game and/or revenue.

Generally speaking, this improved the online gaming experience (ahem EA ahem lootboxes), but I think some social aspects were lost and/or abstracted. The localized (more decetralized), self-hosted game servers made it necessary for communities to form around a game. They had to find other players that want to play with/against them, share in the costs of hosting game servers, organizing games and managing the community. These were usually more local communities because of things like language barriers, latency issues (networks between countries/continents were less developed, game net code required lower ping to be playable) , and organization. I think this is especially/mostly true for competitive/team-based games.

I think this missing social piece is a significant contributer to the rise of a platform like Discord, who, besides being the “free teamspeak/voice server” startup that would figure out revenue (doesn’t seem like shoving ads has any competition) after hitting critical mass, really is almost the perfect answer, the exact piece. Providing both an improved IRC (Slack) and voice together in one place, anybody can open a server - just makes it the go-to place to create communities.

This retrospect is probably heavily anecdotal, in any case what I wanted to say before this tangent is that I think game communities might find this bot useful.



Commands and games Dummy test run Roles automatically created Auto-moved to voice channel Received DM

Future features / TODO / possibilities: