A Discord bot for organizing games, matches and PUGs for your communities favorite multiplayer games

Your favorite games

GatherBot has built in support for all of the top multiplayer games whether it's an FPS, MOBA, Arena Brawler and others. The queue is based on game roles and positions. For instance - CSGO just needs 10 players, while LoL requires players to join a specific role such as ADC.

If the game you play isn't listed, feel free to contact the bot's developer on Discord to have it added.

Fully automated PUG system

When the necessary amount of players join, the bot divides the teams, creates voice channels, and sends out DM's to all participants. If there are any AFK players in queue, they will get kicked after a set amount of time. Players already on a voice channel can be automatically moved to their teams voice channel. The bottom line is your group or community can play games without a need for a human organizer.

Super customizable

A large amount of GatherBot's settings can be changed to suit your needs. Things like the command prefix, AFK timeframe, or the bot's operating channel are up to you. See the Customization Guide for a complete reference.